How to Help Your Child Become Good in Math

Math is definitely hard. That can't be disputed. However with hard work, dedication and the right materials, everyone can conquer the complexity of math. The underlying fact here is that there is no substitute in solving math problems to a good teacher and working hard. You can be that good teacher to your child. To be able to make your child better in math here are some of the things you need to do. Click here to learn how to get the surface area of a circle .

Help Your Child with the Basics

Math is cumulative. Math problems follow some natural progression order. Each math course builds upon the skills gained from the previous course and the process continues on. It is thus important that your child gets a grasp of the basics of math in order to help him/her in other progressive topics. If your child finds it hard to follow new math concepts in class it could be crucial that you help them find their old math notes and help them review previous materials in order to refresh their memories.

Make Sure the Child Reviews Notes the Night before Class

Make sure that your child revises his/her notes every night of what they had learnt in class during the day. This will help them grasp the concept well and determine the areas they have not mastered well. This is also important as it will help your child master the necessary concepts which will help him in his next math course. For more info, check out pyramid surface area calculator here at this link.

Make Sure the Child Does Homework

Your child may hate the idea of doing homework every night but it is your responsibility as the parent to ensure that the child adheres to this important routine. Doing homework is a way of testing whether the child has mastered the concepts thought in class. You can also add the child your own home work and ensure that you check it to ascertain the areas your child is weak in and then concentrate on those.

Ensure the Child Has the Necessary Materials

Math requires a lot of practice. To ensure that this is possible, make sure that your child has a lot of materials to read from and the necessary math tools such as calculators.

Concentrate on The Areas your Child is Weak On

Different people have different areas of math preferences. Some might like algebra, others geometry and many more. If your child is good in one area and bad in another, the area they are bad in will reduce their GPA. While giving your child homework, concentrate on the areas that you see they are weak in and show them how to solve the problem.

A very common area that children are weak is on factors.  It can be anything from factors of 24 to factors of 100.  Learning factors is an essential basic math concept that should be understood.

Factors of 24